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First responders, construction workers, and all else working outdoors, assemble! Today, we are talking all about safety wear. From high visibility shirts to safety vests with pockets, being seen while working in hazardous conditions is essential. If you work any job that requires you to be near a road, you know that one of your first priorities is to be seen by other drivers on the road. 

Safety vests, high visibility shirts, and other safety wear help ensure that you stand out while you do what you do best. In this blog, we will discuss what is included in safety apparel, why it is necessary, and some of the specific products we offer for safety wear. Hang on to your hard hats as we go to work on the topic of safety wear. 

What Articles are Considered Safety Wear?

Safety wear can be somewhat varied in the particular article of clothing. If your mind immediately jumped to a safety vest or high visibility shirts, that is precisely what we mean. Although, not just any old brightly colored shirt or vest will do. The brightness, reflective qualities, and visibility all matter a great deal. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has issued a mandate that all workers in the right of way must wear appropriate safety apparel when working. 

For the safety of emergency responders, ANSI requirements include fluorescent backgrounds and retro-reflective striping and trim. This means that both paid and volunteer emergency responders are required to wear the proper safety attire while working on the road. 

Why is Safety Wear Necessary?

Safety vests and high visibility shirts help ensure that drivers and machine operators can have a clear view of where you are when the conditions might not be favorable for visibility. While visibility is distinctly lower at night or in poor weather conditions, being seen in broad daylight is also essential. Things that could limit visibility may be background light, the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle, or ambient light. All of these factors are amplified at night. This means it is nearly impossible to see a worker not wearing a safety vest at night.

Unfortunately, thousands of emergency and road workers are injured yearly due to distracted or unobservant drivers. In fact, most states require drivers to move over or slow down when workers are present. There are occasions when a driver is not paying attention and does not slow down or move over for road workers or emergency responders. That is why wearing high visibility shirts and safety vests are essential for those working on or near a road. 

Find the Right Safety Apparel for You

Finding the right safety vest or high visibility shirt is an important part of your job when you work on the road or in a hazardous situation. We offer some incredible options for safety wear that are designed with you in mind. Some of our best products include safety vests with pockets like Kishigo 1580x1581 6 Pocket Contrast Class 2 Vest or the Kishigo S5004x5005 High Performance Surveyors Vest

We also offer some of the top brands for high visibility shirts to keep you seen and safe. With names like Gildan, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom, you know you are getting the best of the best. 

Whether you are a landscaper, construction worker, warehouse personnel, or just like to stand out in the crowd, we have all the best safety wear you could ever need. Find your favorite today and stay safe out there.

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