Finding the Right Type of Cotton For Quality T-Shirts

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right type of cotton for quality t-shirts

With so many options to choose from for cotton t-shirts, it can be easy to end up with a t-shirt that is both uncomfortable and poorly made if you do not know what type of cotton makes the best cotton t-shirts. Not all cotton t-shirts are created equal and this can have a huge effect on the wearability, comfort, and overall experience of t-shirt wearing. Making sure you select the right quality of cotton can help your team, group or league stay comfortable and focused without the distraction of itchy or ill-fitting cotton t-shirts.

It's All in the Spin

While the brand of cotton t-shirt certainly makes a huge difference in quality and fit, the largest difference is found in the method of spinning the cotton into fabric. This practice has been used for centuries to weave cotton into fabric to be used for everything from blankets and curtains, to jackets and t-shirts. Though there have been quite a few new innovations in this process over the centuries, weaving cotton into fabric to make clothing remains one of the leading uses for this amazing plant. 

What is Carded-Cotton?


The process of transforming cotton into thread is most commonly separated into a few different methods and qualities. The first common method is Carded Open End (COE) Cotton which is the cheapest and most simple method. Creating COE cotton does not filter the cotton from its natural state and produces cotton that contains tiny amounts of debris and particles that will produce varying levels of comfort. Typically, this type of cotton will be the cheapest option and can feel heavy and rough. 

Different Types of Ring Spun Cotton 

ringspun-cotton  As the carded cotton method became less popular, manufacturers began to use the Ring-Spun method. This      type of cotton produces a more uniform fabric, but one that still contains plant impurities of a COE cotton. This    means that while it is going to be a higher quality cotton t-shirt, the end result may still have some of the           scratchiness and discomfort of the plant debris. This is contrasted with the purified version, the Combed Ring-Spun method, which removes   and filters the cotton from plant debris and impurities. This method produces the most comfortable and consistent cotton for cotton t-shirts.

 Get the Latest Types of Cotton for Bulk & Wholesale T-Shirts

 Now that you are armed with a brief history of the process that goes into producing cotton t-shirts, a quick guide to some of the different   types of cotton, and an idea of how each type of cotton will feel, you have everything you need to make an informed decision on which cotton t-shirts to buy for your next group event, family reunion, or gathering.

Want to know more about quality cotton, wholesale clothing, or clothing manufacturing? Check out the rest of our blog or all the t-shirt options we have available. 

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