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Ever wonder why there’s so much variance within the same size of t-shirts? Even when you order from the same brand there can be big differences in size and quality in a batch. Variances happen because achieving consistency on a massive scale is hard to do. Quality control takes investments in technology to ensure consistency throughout the manufacturing process. 

In our apparel spotlight, we’re looking at how Bella + Canvas t-shirts are so much more consistent than the bargain t’s out there and how these differences spell better t-shirts with each and every order. 

A Closer Look at How T-Shirts Are Cut

There’s pretty much two types of cutting methods used today in laser-guided automated cutting and hand cutting. Bella + Canvas uses laser guided machines to produce incredibly accurate cuts across hundreds of millions of cuts each year. 

Let’s look at a comparison between how t-shirts are cut. With Bella + Canvas, the highly-automated process flows seamlessly through some pretty high tech steps including:

  • Fabric spread by automatic spreaders.
  • Create markers with computer-aided design software to fit as many in each cut to and eliminate waste.
  • Marker paper on top of fabric stack, compressed and vacuum sealed so there’s no movement.
  • Lasers guide a sharp blade through layers of fabric. 
  • Tiny notches indicate to sewers exactly where pieces are joined to produce a perfect fit every time

A hand cutter is literally by hand. Every operator uses these tools a bit differently so there’s a real lack of consistency. Another shortcut is not using machines to minimize movement when cutting. This produces variance. A typical hand cutter creates degrees of variance between t-shirts as much as a quarter inch! 

Conversely, Bella + Canvas t-shirts rank around 1/64th of an inch. With a lot of variance you’ll get pieces of a t-shirt that don’t fit together the same and hence a varied batch even of same-size t-shirts. 

Why Bella + Canvas T-Shirts Fit Better

Let’s face it, automated cutters are expensive. Most manufacturers cut costs by using a hand cutting method and lower quality control measures. Bella + Canvas takes a different approach by prioritizing proven quality control science and huge investments in its technology. These investments in technology yield better, more consistent sizing and quality in each and every t-shirt they produce. 

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