What is DTF Printing?

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Maybe you’ve heard of one of the newest trends in the custom t-shirt industry, but do you know how it works? Direct to film (DTF) printing is a new innovation that is going to shake up how the world prints custom designs on t-shirts, bags, and other fabric-based items. The beauty of this technique is the broad realm of possibilities it opens for custom t-shirt businesses. The DTF printing process can be applied to all sorts of materials. 

We’ll explore what DTF printing is, how it works, and some of the possibilities it unlocks for businesses just like yours. This handy textile printing technique may be exactly what you’re looking for to up your custom t-shirt game. 

The DTF Printing Process Explained

Even though mastering the DTF printing process is simple, it does require special equipment to get started. A DTF printer is going to be the first thing on your shopping list. One of these remarkable machines transfers the image onto a specialized film. This film comes in different sizes so that the image can be transferred to larger or smaller items. 

Once the image is printed on the film, it needs to be covered entirely in DTF powder. This powder acts as a buffer for the film and makes the transfer onto the fabric possible. To transfer the image onto a t-shirt or bag, you will need first to melt the DTF powder onto the film using a heat source. This could be a heat gun or even a low-temperature oven if necessary. The key is consistent heat across the DTF film so the powder is completely melted. 

As soon as the powder is melted, you can press the image onto the fabric. You could use an iron or a heat press for this process. Don’t forget to place silicon paper between the film and the heat source to avoid a sticky mess. Once the press is done, you can remove the silicon paper and film to reveal the image on the garment. 

Why Choose DTF Printing? 

Now that you know how the process works, why would you choose DTF printing? There are multiple reasons why it makes an excellent choice for custom t-shirt and item businesses. Let’s unpack some top reasons why DTF printing could be a game-changer for you. 

  1. Easy process: Overall, the DTF printing process is simple to learn. You do not need a month’s worth of training to use the equipment, and the materials are not dangerous to handle. 
  2. Versatility: Because you can use DTF printing on any textile item, you can customize endless products. Unlike sublimation, which is limited to polyester, DTF printing can be applied to any other material. The whole world of possibilities is open to DTF printers. 
  3. Brilliant images: Because of the transfer process, DTF-printed images can have full-spectrum colors and detailed images. This means your custom t-shirts will look as bright on fabric as they do in your mind. 
  4. Durability: DTF printed images are washer resistant so that they will last a long time. 
  5. Super soft handfeel: The result of a DTF-printed item feels incredibly soft. Plus, the images are breathable for additional comfort. 

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