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If you keep up with the latest trends in custom t-shirts, you've probably heard the buzz about sublimation printing. This revolutionary ink and printing method transforms how we make custom clothing, bags, and any other fabric-based product. If you have the right equipment, sublimation is a quick and durable way to add images and words to material outcomes.

What is sublimation printing? What are the best blank apparel options for sublimation? Are the brands making sublimation-friendly clothing? Don't worry; we have the information you need about sublimation printing and the best clothing. 

Sublimation Demystified 

Okay, so it's not much of a mystery. But it's important to take a brief moment and explain how sublimation works. Once you understand the principles of sublimation, we can talk about the best clothing articles to use for the most vibrant images. 

Sublimation printing is a new method of imprinting images onto fabric. A sublimation printer infuses images directly into the fabric or material using special equipment and ink. Instead of laying the image on top of the fabric, sublimation integrates it directly into the material. Using this method, a t-shirt designer creates a vibrant and permanent impression on a t-shirt, handbag, or whatever else they can imagine. 

Sublimation has become popular because of the beautiful imagery and sharp quality it can produce on fabrics. Using a combination of heat and special ink, a sublimation printer transfers an image onto the product quickly and effectively. When the sublimation process is complete, the imagery lasts much longer than other customization methods. The long-lasting results are another reason sublimation has become so popular over the past few years. 

If you have the right equipment, sublimation printing is relatively simple. Whether you're a hobbyist or a custom t-shirt guru, sublimation printing might be an excellent option for creating stunning products. 

Fabrics to Use for Sublimation Printing

As everyone knows, fabrics are not created equal. Materials have unique qualities that make them work for different purposes. With sublimation printing, polyester is king. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage of polyester, the better the fabric is for sublimation. When working with blank apparel, finding an 80/20 blend or even a 100% polyester material will work best for sublimation. 

Polyester works so well for sublimation printing because of its unique fiber makeup. Sublimation ink bonds exceptionally well to polyester fibers. Cotton's makeup creates a super soft fabric but isn’t a good surface for sublimation printing. 

If you want to get into sublimation printing, you’ll need to find blank apparel made almost entirely out of polyester for your best results. 

A few options you may want to consider are:

With sublimation printing becoming so popular, the number of options for suitable blank shirts has skyrocketed. The good news is you won't have to look far to find a shirt that will work for your sublimation printing hobby or business. 

Best Brands for Sublimation Printing

Let's talk about brands! Some brands excel at offering a wide variety of options that can work for sublimation printing. While others exclusively create blank apparel for sublimation. Some of our favorite brands that offer sublimation-friendly blank apparel are: 

If you want a brand exclusively made for sublimation printing, Sublivie is the one for you. 

Sublimation can be a fun and exciting customization method for anyone. With the whole world of possibilities, there's no limit to what you can create. Keep up with the latest creative blank apparel trends here at Blank Apparel.

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