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Once the summer ends, it's time to dust off the old bow or rifle and prepare for hunting season. There's nothing like the hunt. It's the season to spend time in nature and sharpen survival skills. 

So, where do you begin buying new hunting apparel? Right here! Our Blank Apparel team has created this guide for all things hunting season apparel. 

It’s All About Camo, Of Course! 

Naturally, the first place to start is with camo gear. As any hunter knows, camo is an essential part of blending in with your environment and getting the upper-hand on your game. While stalking prey, the last thing any hunter wants is to be noticed. 

Camo clothing helps keep you out of sight from your intended target, giving you the stealth you need to get close to the unsuspecting quarry. 

Best Brands for Camo Gear

Countless options for camo apparel exist, so how do you choose the best one? Follow our handy dandy list below, of course! We've outlined some of the best camo hats and camo jacket brands. You can use this guide as a reference point or a shopping list. 

Camo Hats

Keeping your head covered while in the great outdoors is essential to any successful hunting trip. A good camo hat offers sun protection and helps keep your head out of sight by blending into the foliage. 

Here are some of the best brands to check out for camo headwear:

  • Dri Duck: Dri Duck is an excellent outdoor and sports clothing manufacturer. We offer a wide selection of Dri Duck hats for any outdoor activity. 
  • FlexFit: FlexFit hats are known for high-quality manufacturing and comfortable wearability. Though they come in various colors, Flexfit offers several options in camo patterns. 
  • OutdoorCap: The name says it all with this brand. OutdoorCap camo hats come in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and sizes. You can always find a good fit with OutdoorCap. 
  • Richardson: No hat list would be complete without mentioning Richardson hats. Although they are typically known for fashion, Richardson hats are also great for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. 

So many other brands could go on this list, but we kept it to a few of our favorites. Feel free to check out all the other options. 

Camo Jackets

Maintaining an appropriate body temperature while hunting is essential in the colder months. Here are some of the best brands for camo jackets: 

  • Independent Trading:  Independent Trading has some incredible deals on camo jackets for a wide range of temperatures. With multiple sizes and styles to choose from, Independent Trading camo jackets are a staple of any outdoor activity. 
  • Dri Duck: Dri Duck camo jackets are another high-quality option for hunting season. These incredible camo jackets are a great way to stay warm while hunting.
  • Burnside: Burnside camo jackets are excellent options when working on a budget. Their outerwear helps insulate your core while shielding you from the chilly weather. 

Like our hat options, the list of camo jackets could go on and on. Be sure to check out all your options for wholesale camo apparel.

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